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Best Ideas and New Stylish for Home Decorator Windows Shade

Posted by telkomdbs1 on June 29, 2011

Window Shade
Due to the flexible, eco friendly and easy to work with nature of bamboo, the wood can be transformed into several different bamboo window shade models. Each type of bamboo shade offers slightly different features, all with great style and a unique feel that other wood based shades cannot achieve. When looking into bamboo window shades, it is to first understand the details and dimensions of the windows that the shades will cover. Although the purpose of a set of window shades seems obvious, so do not effectively block out UV rays. Other shade models act more as a decoration piece than an energy saver or an efficient light blocking tool.Best Ideas and New Stylish for Home Decorator Windows Shade

One variety of bamboo shades, the cellular shades, provides excellent UV protection. Several cellular models offer cordless systems, which in turn makes them more child safe. The purpose of the cell shaped pattern allows for maximum energy efficiency in rooms with large windows. The cell bamboo shades work to trap in heat during winter while keeping in the cool air during hot summer months. Bamboo can be stained and patterned into different shades, so choosing a matching option is not a difficult task. Most cellular patterns range from 50 to 100 dollars depending on the size of window that the shade will cover. In some cases, custom window shades can be cut to fit oblong or irregular shaped window designs, but custom always costs more than factory run offs.
Bamboo window shades can also be found in the Roman shade style. This design often offers less sun ray protection due to its overall style; the Roman shade looks like several small sticks horizontally or vertically stacked next to one another with very small gaps in between.
Several of these shade designs require the use of draw strings with attachments so that they can be neatly rolled up and down to a desired length. The shades work well in living rooms and kitchen spaces, but can match nearly any living space with the multiple color options available. Several designs have two tone color ways. Traditional Roman shade designs cost between 20 and 75 dollars, but some styles with modern twists and different patterns require more material and therefore cost between 75 and 150 dollars. Bamboo Shades are bought and sold at home improvement retailers and online furnishing companies. Several companies began to introduce the bamboo products because of their cost effectiveness; bamboo grows extremely fast, making the wood a great renewable and reusable product.


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Roman shades give a glamorous look to your home

Posted by telkomdbs1 on June 29, 2011

Roman shades give a glamorous look to your home
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” Roman Shades “
Roman shades give a glamorous look to your home; if you want to create some color and life in your interior you can opt for Roman shades for your home. Roman shades are very popular and they are liked by many people. If you are planning to get roman blinds for your windows then you must get some information about these blinds before buying them as there are different kinds of roman blinds and you can select the type according to your requirement.
Folding shades: this is a traditional style in shades; it gives a classic and traditional look to your home; it contains evenly spaced overlapping folds that make it simpler to use.
Balloon Roman shades: this type of shade gives a formal look to the room; usually they look nice in dining and formal living room; you must have seen such type of shades in hotels and restaurants. These types of shades contain box pleats at the top followed by a series of balloon shaped folding towards the bottom.
Room darkening roman shades: these shades are ideal for the people who like to enjoy dark and cool atmosphere. These Roman shades block the sunlight and create a dark and soothing environment in the room. If you want to keep your room from harmful sunrays and enjoy a cool and calm atmosphere then you can opt for this style.
Light filtering shades: if you like to have sunlight coming in the room but in a little amount then these shades are ideal for you. You can get a satisfactory amount of sunlight in your room that gives a fresh and scooting effect to your room as they do not block the entire amount of sunlight but provide a small amount of filtered sunlight in the room.

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Posted by telkomdbs1 on June 29, 2011

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