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Best Ideas and New Stylish for Home Decorator Window Treatments

Posted by telkomdbs1 on June 29, 2011

Best Ideas and New Stylish for Home Decorator Window Treatments  Are you ready to update the look and feel of your home? One thing to consider is the sun’s glare. It can cause serious damage to our eyes, to our furniture. UV rays can be filtered to eliminate their fading power, all you need are some fabulous spring window treatments and you’ll be on your way!
Spring is literally right around the corner and with spring comes warming temperatures. The days are longer, meaning more hours of sunlight. Being prepared with appropriate window treatments can mean a reduction in eyestrain from the sun’s glare as well as reflections on surfaces like computers and televisions. Using solar shades or roller shades can help prevent fading of irreplaceable art, furniture, carpets, oriental rugs and more.
Here are the Top Five Window Treatments for Spring:
1. Solar screen shades. Solar screen shades come in a variety of openness factors, for the ultimate light control. They effectively eliminate glare while maintaining views. By reducing the amount of light and heat entering a room, solar screen shades cut energy costs and reduce the need for air conditioning. These window treatments can be paired with a privacy liner for privacy.
2. Soft Sheer Shades. These window treatments come in light filtering or total privacy options. They are made of durable nylon and polyester. While they offer a soft, summery appearance to the eye, they are in fact, very durable. They offer excellent light control and are Greenguard certified.
3. Bamboo Shades or Woven Wood Shades. These are prefect for letting warm breezes filter through the home while effectively blocking the sun’s harsh rays. They can be paired with a privacy liner for better energy efficiency. Bamboo shades come in a variety of stains and patterns for a uniquely exotic feel.

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4. Roller Shades. Roller Shades are now soft to the touch. The classic lines of a roller shade are paired with the beauty of soft, drapery style fabrics. They come in light filtering, blackout and sunscreen fabrics for both privacy and light control. There is a vast collection of intriguing textures, weaves and colors that range from traditional to contemporary.

5. Honeycomb cellular shades. While these window treatments are best known for their insulating powers during the winter, they offer comparable insulating powers against the heat of the sun. Some varieties qualify for a federal tax rebate. They also come in top-down, bottom-up varieties to allow you as much of a view or as much privacy as you like.
Spring cleaning is often an excuse to not only clean out unneeded household items, but also upgrade the look and feel of the home. All of the above spring window treatments help reduce glare, UV lights and more with the end goal of creating more energy efficient homes. The simple installation of a solar screen shade or woven wood shade can cut back on energy bills and protect the furniture and treasured possessions in the home.


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